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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Business Cards

I think it's time to get new business cards for my website and I received 2 mini business cards over the past few months that were really cute! I guess this is a new trend and I did a little research on a few companies that had mini business cards available. The one that caught my eye was Moo. They advertise them as "half the size of Business Cards but some say 'twice as nice'! Upload your own images or personalise our designs. Use up to 100 different designs in each pack, and show off your portfolio, your products, your business or yourself" which is very fun! Check them out:

Moo MiniCards

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hearts hearts hearts

Valentines Day is coming up and it's time for some love! Here is a collection of adorable heart-inspired items from Mizhattan:
1. Hearts Aflutter cuff bracelet at C. Wonder, $58 2. Scattered stripe heart T-shirt at Tibi, $90 3. Heart coin pouch at Tiffany & Co., $85 4. Heart printed striped boatneck top at C. Wonder, $58 5. Pavé heart ring at J.Crew, $45 6. Pavé heart hoops at Juicy Couture, $58 7. Heart to Heart knee highs at Kate Spade, $15 8. Clinique Happy Heart perfume spray at Bloomingdale's, $63 9. Bristols 6 heart nippies at Shopbop, $12 10. Heart "T" jacquard Brigitte cosmetic case at Tory Burch, $68 Enjoy!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cell phones on the table? Yay or nay?

Recently I came across a short article in ad week talking about business etiquette. I found this pictures funny but this is actually a question I constantly ask myself: should I keep my cell phone/blackberry on the table during business lunch or leave it in my bag. I think my gut reaction is leave it where it can't be seen BUT sometimes I need a time check and I rarely wear a wristwatch so I think it's less rude to have it out then to constantly go into my bag to check it.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shopkick what is it and how does it work?

Today while shopping at Target, my receipt printed out this interesting little ad for shopkick. It was encouraging me to sign up for shopkick which is basically like "foursquare for shopping" (mainly connected to retailers such as Best Buy, Macy's, Target or other large chains).
You download the app and then as soon as you enter the store, you are greeted with some type of reward and are further rewarded for doing certain activities such as scanning items or going into a dressing room etc. Eventually as you gain more and more kicks you can then redeem them for rewards. This smartphone enabled technology is not that new. It was actually launched back in 2010 but I think as more and more people start shopping more consistently with their smartphones in their hands this will gain popularity. I have not used it but as silly as it sounds, a $2 gift card to Target is actually enough to lure me in and keep me interested. Being that I work in a marketing function and I understand the importance of omnichannel shopping I've come to the conclusion that this is the future and you've got to be on board whether you are ready or not! This is a great summary article form Business Insider:
Here's how Shopkick Works -That New "Foursquare For Shopping iPhone App

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sample Sale Alert!

Just in time for the holidays -
Tory Burch fans get ready for the highly anticipated Tory Burch sample sale! December 12th-17th 2012. Check out Clothingline for the details


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sample Sale Alert!

Noticed in the morning AM paper today, Tibi is back with a quick sample sale this week: