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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to pronounce some tricky words (for foodies)

Tonight I had drinks at a really cool wine bar in Midtown. The menu had tons of choices but we went straight for the Gewurztraminer. It was terribly embarrassing but I had to ask the bar tender, how to pronounce it correctly.

He laughed and said he shortens it and just calls it "ge-voorts" for short. Well, it worked for the night but sometimes you struggle with other words: green beans were a big topic of conversation at work the other day. Haricot Vert which is more like a-ree-koh ver. While most people will just pronounce the word wrong or point to what they like, it is nice to sound more like a true foodie.

If you've ever struggled, grubstreet had a great little cheat sheet I found for a few popular words that you could practice:

How do you pronounce?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Will the desire for the latest technology ever subside?

Wired featured an article this month touching on the topic of exposing the truth behind the working conditions of factories in China that produce electronics such as iphones. The article talked about how the jobs can be repetitive and boring but how people line up just to land these jobs. The workers live in dorms similar to a college where they share communal bathrooms and living areas.

While the article was titled "1 million works, 90 million iphones and 17 suicides, who's the blame?" I feel like there really isn't a certain factory or situation to
"blame" for the suicides. It definitely made me feel bad for the families of those who committed suicide but China's growth will eventually surpass that of the U.S. and our needs. So, is it America's "fault" for desiring the latest and greatest gadgets? I think people are naturally hungry for innovation.

Currently, China may be manufacturing goods to cater the needs of the U.S. but the growth of emerging markets will evolve and everything will eventually change.

Wired Article

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saks Consolidaton Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Do you love shopping at Saks? Well get ready because the consolidation sale is starting, which means up to 70% off!

Check out the website for more details and participating locations!

Saks Consolidation Sale