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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wearable Sunscreen Clothes

Today while I was taking the subway home, I noticed an ad for Uniqlo's new line of clothing. It basically "filters UV rays" and is marketed as wearable sunscreen (SPF 50). I am not sure what to think of this? Is it cool or just a gimic? For mean, sunscreen on the face is my #1 priority so I don't think I would jump out of my chair to buy these clothes but for someone who lives in a sunny area or is concerned with sun on their body this may be appealing.

UV Cut

Monday, April 2, 2012

The census: Then and Now

Today there was a fascinating article on that talked about how America has changed since the 1940 census. There were so many interesting charts and I have to talk about my favorites: how much more diverse we've become, how the gap is shrinking between men and women's salaries and how our industry focus has completely shifted.

The fact is, America is no longer classified as "white, black and other" because so many people are multiethnic. The majority of my friends are at least 2 different ethnicities and that is only getting more and more popular. It is difficult to find people that are 100% of one ethnicity anymore. Hispanics obviously mixing at the highest rate within minorities in the U.S., it wouldn't surprise me if one day half Hispanic and half White becomes it's own segment!

Also, girl power! Hello! It's awesome to see that the gap is shrinking between men and women's salaries. I am so proud of my girlfriends that have post secondary education. I love women entrepreneurs even more.

Lastly, America is falling behind. Everything is made in China and quite frankly Asia will surpass us in terms of manufacturing and perhaps one day innovation instead of just knocking off everything. We are becoming a society that relies too heavily on "social assistance" and the other mentioned industries as opposed to manufacturing which shrunk.

Where will we be in the next 50-60 years?