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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolution: Keep on truckin'

It's that time of the year again! I was recently at a holiday party and a co-worker asked me "what is your new years resolution?" which definitely caught me off-guard. I have to say, I'm not one to make resolutions or to stick with them. For me, the motto that fits me best right now would be "keep on truckin'"...For 2011, I'd like to concentrate on my career, be more healthy and learn new things.

I am trying to apply for business school so studying for the GMAT has taken a large chunk of time outside of the office. Classes during the week and tutoring on the side help keep my focused. I hope that I am well-prepared for the second time around. Getting my MBA is a huge goal in my life and I'm working everyday towards it!

Whether I've been taking cooking classes or photography courses, I've come to realize I love to explore new hobbies. For one of my Christmas gifts, my parents decided to give me a gift certificate to I.C.E since I had such an amazing experience with my first cooking class. I'm very excited but I probably will wait a few months to sign up for a class (maybe when the Spring weather comes back around I'll have more motivation). There are so many great hobbies that I can try so 2011 will be full of new experiences.

Lastly, being healthy is something that I most certainly could work on. Although I am a healthy weight, I feel like I should exercise more. I worked hard to keep my cholesterol at a healthy level by cutting out cheeses, fats and other high-cholesterol food. Before I got a cold, I was jogging every weekend and trying to do some sort of physical activity 1-2 times per week. Even walking vs. taking the elevator makes a big difference.

Overall, 2011 will be an exciting year and I can't wait to read my Chinese astrology horoscope because it never lies!

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