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Monday, May 16, 2011

The lure of discount websites

I have never used Groupon but I have definitely taken advantage of travel deals from TravelZoo e-mail blasts and dinner discounts. Actually I just discovered blackboard eats and VillageVines this year (they both offer discounts off your bill).

Over the holidays, I received a photography class as a gift from my parents and I had a really good time (despite the fact that I was using a point and shoot and everyone else had $1,000+ professional cameras!). I never would have thought to sign up for it but I learned a few new tricks and took great photographs.

Some of the discounted daily deals are really random things that I would never use. For example, I once saw a discount for a professional closet organizer for $100+ which was a little bit ridiculous to me. I am a neat freak and I would never pay someone to organize my stuff! Yet, a lot of the restaurant deals sound appealing. The fact that Groupon changes it's deals so often is nice because I think it lures new customers in. Trying something that you would not normally try and paying 1/2 the price sounds like a plan. A lot of my friends have tried things on Groupon and recomended them to me. I found my old hairstylist through a friend that used a Groupon deal at a hair salon. I don't know if I could ever buy something on one of the sample sale sites like Gilt unless I knew my exact size because when I shop I like to see it in person and touch the material or try it on etc. However, dinner discounts never fail!

Hopefully, I'll get a bit more adventurous and try something out of the ordinary!

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