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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Robots are coming to a home near you

Today I read an article in National Geographic that talks about how robots are in the future and how even though they have come a long way there's still more room for evolution. In parts of Asia, there are robots that are designed to help out in the house and perhaps one day they may even be incorporated in every day life (babysitting children, caring for elders or doing household chores).

In the picture, the robots are made to complete tasks such as delivering toast to a human. Yet, the army already uses robots to fire bullets or hurl grenades. I am very open to new technology but it is strange to think of a world where we may not be able to distinguish the true differences. Movies like iRobot sort of remind me that we have already began to invent machines that are interactive and able to mimic human thoughts, movements and feelings etc. How much longer until that line will be blurred between human and bot?

The article mentions the Roomba vacuum which is basically a robotic vacuum that memorizes where doors are corners are and automatically cleans your house or apartment based on the mapping of the space. So, is Rosie from the Jetsons a reality?

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