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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Favorite Fall Activities

Fall is a beautiful season. I love the foliage, the crisp smell in the air, halloween/my birthday and picking pumpkins! Every year my boyfriend and I pick pumpkins and do intricate carvings. He usually does something that involves lots of different shadows and layers but I tend to go with easier things like logo's or things that are authentic to halloween. This is a picture of a tory burch logo that I carved into a small rounded pumpkin. It was very cute. This year I am going to go a haunted house and he is going to do the New York City skyline.

Living in New York, there are always tons of fun fall festivals and it is a great location to be able to drive to see the colorful leaves outside of the city. I can't wait to visit friends in Boston next month for a haunted tour of the city, that is always creepy but fun. So, go outside and enjoy the weather and this time of year!

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