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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Combining expenses as a couple?

Many couples who are married or living together consider combining expenses or getting joint credit cards. This is a touchy subject because no one wants to get stuck paying the bills for someone else and let's be honest arguments may arise from what is considered a necessary purchase vs. a "splurge" etc.

I think it's great if your significant other doesn't have a problem with the "all in" scenario but it's also nice if you make your own money and can be independent regardless! However, I recently read an article on Adaptu and I loved how they had different tabs on marriage, career, family, health and retirement etc. It was a clear way to lay-out how many different sections of your life call for budgeting.

Adaptu approached the couples situation with 3 different solutions and I really like the way they provided rationale to each one. There are so many challenges and joys of being in a relationship but discussing money should never be an issue. After all, you work hard for your money, so spend it/divide how you chose!

Various ways of combing expenses

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