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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to pronounce some tricky words (for foodies)

Tonight I had drinks at a really cool wine bar in Midtown. The menu had tons of choices but we went straight for the Gewurztraminer. It was terribly embarrassing but I had to ask the bar tender, how to pronounce it correctly.

He laughed and said he shortens it and just calls it "ge-voorts" for short. Well, it worked for the night but sometimes you struggle with other words: green beans were a big topic of conversation at work the other day. Haricot Vert which is more like a-ree-koh ver. While most people will just pronounce the word wrong or point to what they like, it is nice to sound more like a true foodie.

If you've ever struggled, grubstreet had a great little cheat sheet I found for a few popular words that you could practice:

How do you pronounce?

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