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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keeping track of accomplishments at work

Something that I've always found useful at my year-end review is compiling a list or a portfolio of projects I've completed. I recently read on a career blog from U.S. News that the #2 bullet on how to set yourself up for a promotion is to demonstrate your value to the company. If you don't show all the hard work that you've done, there's no one else that is going to do it for you.

I like to print copies of presentations that I've helped create and present as well as other projects or duties that show my achievements throughout the year. Although it's hard to keep track of each and every project, at least keep a running list of large and important projects that way at the end of the year you can talk about them.

I got this idea from an interview that I had for a summer internship because I was asked to submit a portfolio of my work. I quickly bought a black binder, created an appendix and printed out about 5 different class projects that I completed in college. The person I was interviewing with was extremely impressed and from that point on, I continued to do this on an yearly basis at my current job. Not only is it useful at review time but it is a great reference guide throughout the year of what projects were successful and which ones were not.

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