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Friday, February 11, 2011

Do you consider your job one of the "happiest" jobs in America?

Recently, Forbes published an article from a survey on which discussed what the "happiest" jobs in America are. I found it really hard to believe that customer service and administrative jobs ranked within the top 10. I would think that these types of jobs potentially involve dealing with unhappy customers or the workload could be extremely routine. I was not surprised to see that education ranked within top 3. I think that being a teacher would be a very rewarding job and who can complain about 3 months off for summer vacation?!

I just returned from a huge national sales meeting and found that despite the bad economy, employees were still happy and full of passion and determination. I can't speak for other industries but I think that people in sales are usually friendly and very engaging because so much of the business is dependent on relationship building and negotiating.

To me, a happy job truly relates directly to the people that you work with and the work culture. Corporate jobs can foster a cut-throat environment but working with people who have positive attitudes and cultivate your development can make a huge difference. At the end of the day, being happy at work is essential to being Happy in life. I think a happy job cannot be simply classified by industry but more by the people, the results and the environment.

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