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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facebook stalking on a whole new level

CNN recently published an article that mentioned a new app that allows you to follow people's relationships on facebook and can notify you when the person you are stalking is single! This is so creepy but the truth is, it will probably be a big hit. I think posting personal information on facebook can be too invasive. Engagement announcements, pregnancy announcements, announcing that someone has died etc. These are the types of things I'd rather hear about personally rather that via my facebook feed but I have also accepted that the new age of communication is blurring so much that what was one taboo is now popular and vice versa.

Is it really necessary to be notified exactly the moment someone is single? I mean if you are obsessed with checking updates and people's status messages I think you would be first to know whether or not someone was single. I guess if the timing mattered that much it would make a difference?

Where do we cross the line between stalking and being curious?

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