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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Texting and Walking: Fail

New Yorkers are forced to be aware of what is going on around at all times. There are dangerous streets to cross, people walking around, people in motion on bikes, skateboards, scooters etc., people walking dogs, and hazards on the ground (pot holes/unpaved streets) just to name a few obstacles. However, being aware doesn't equal being safe. I admit that sometimes I get brushed by people if I am trying to text while walking but if I ever feel like I can't do both safely, I just stop walking and go into a corner and finish my text.

The fact that a woman fell into a fountain is just sad. What has the world come to? We need to be accountable for our actions. I think it's dangerous to multitask so much to the point where your vision or your capability of remaining alert is compromised: texting and walking, driving and talking or being distracted in general. Technology is advancing quickly but I think people get caught up in it. We are all human and to think that this lady didn't even glance up to see what was in front of her long enough to see that there was a huge fountain is a mistake on her part. We have to learn to utilize technology and media in a way where we are not loosing focus of the most general abilities such as walking.

I'm sure one day there will be an app where you will be alerted if you are about to walk into a fountain or get hit by a car!

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