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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Business Cards: old fashioned or highly effective?

I recently got business cards printed at work and I must admit I still love them. To me, a business card is more than just a little card with contact info on it. I think a business card is a powerful way to provide communication between people who may be good to network with, keep in touch with and/or help you professionally.

In Asian countries, the exchange of business cards is almost a sacred act. One must look at the card, read the details and treat it with the utmost respect (basically you wouldn't want to be caught dead writing on it or putting it in your pocket).

However, with technology becoming such an important part of the business world I can't help but think that business cards are becoming more and more obsolete. When I send an e-mail, all the information on my business card is attached in my signature. When I read the Little Red Book of Selling the book suggested that each time you hand out your card, you should have a wow factor - whether it be a bright color, an embossed logo or some sort of unique symbol that stands out. In the future business cards may change form but I will still cherish them for now.

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